A Simple Job....

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....



Only a few years’ time after barely escaping Order 66, Omar and Verek are offered a smuggling mission by a mysterious Bothan known as Bashiir. Teaming up with a pilot, they set out to retrieve the cargo.

On Port Nadir they sought to betray Bashiir by siding with Zietta Anjiliac the Hutt. However, Bashiir refused to let them leave with his cargo and destroyed the Hutt’s men sent to ensure their departure. With Bashiir and the Zietta’s now former Togorian enforcer aboard, they left the comet Shadowport.

After performing a dangerous blind Hyperspace Jump to escape Nadir’s guards they find themselves at the whim of an experimental Navicomputer, taking them to a destination no being has inhabited for thousands of years….



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