A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . .



An old friend, Asd’f arrives on Mon Calamari and discovers his friends are held captive. However, when the guard leads him into the stockade, they find one of the prisoners to be missing! Omar had been invited on a journey with Bashiir, and escaped through time. Asd’f managed to break the others out, but not before the guard reached the alarm

Having to fight their way out, out Heroes encounter an old Clone Trooper. The battle ranged on, but near the end, the Clone turned sides, tired of his oppressive Imperial overlords. Leading the Heroes to their ship, he says on the ground. Longing for the death that had eluded him for so long, the Clone sacrificed himself in a blaze of grenades to ensure his new allies’ escape.

When they arrive at the coordinates input in the Navicomputer by Bashiir, our Heroes find naught but a seemingly derelict ship. They board, and find a place for their cargo, and Omar, highly advanced in age. Omar thanks them for completing the mission, and bestows gifts upon them. Omar left them in the derelict ship, leaving an entire galaxy of possibilities open to the Heroes . . . .



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