The Kessel Run

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . .



Deciding to return to the infamous Dromund Kaas, our Heroes stop on Nal Hutta to fuel up. They are greeted with a feast from Ze’kar the Hutt, an enemy of Zietta. He offers protection if they will represent him in the galaxy’s most dangerous competition: the Kessel Run.

Through ingenuity and great skill, our Heroes made a daring slingshot around a Black Hole located inside the fabled Maw, and navigated the deadly Pit with uses of the Force and sharp shooting. Eventually, they happen upon one of their competitors, dead in space.

Deciding to help, they take on her crew including Seven, a slave mechanic. She joins the crew, and with her help, they make their way to Formos, the race’s finish line only to be faced with Imperial Star Destoryers! The make a deal with the Rear Admiral, Varek’s uncle for safe passage if they turn themselves in. However, an evil spirit attempt to take control of the ship.

Barely managed to take control back just in time, our Heroes make it to the far side of Formos, board Ze’kar’s waiting yacht, and blast into hyperspace. But will Ze’kar hold to his promise? Is Seven more than she seems? What consequences will come of betraying Varek’s uncle’s trust? Only time will tell . . . .



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