Asd'f Mo'vie

I may be the last Jedi. It is my duty to eradicate any remaining Sith influence.


Brawn 2
Finesse 3
Wits 4
Resolve 2
Panache 3

Hubris: Inattentive

Jedi Code 3
Oath – Sith Eradication 3
Wanted – The Galactic Empire 1

Keen Senses
Jedi Consular


Reputation: -4

Jedi Consular
Force Training (+1 initial Force Point)

Force Power Knacks
Force Stun 1
Rebuke 1
Vital Transfer 1
Mind Trick 2
Disarm 1
Sense Force 2
Move Object 1

Civil Skills
Spy: Shadowing 2, Stealth 2

Martial Skills
Lightsaber: Attack 3, Parry 3
Martial Arts: Footwork 5, Balance 1, Grapple 1

Special Equipment:
Olaf’s Gift – Lightsaber that adds +1 unkept die to all active defenses. 3k2 Weapon.


Asd’f was raised since birth to become a Jedi. Born completely normal, a Cerean with a Cerean mother and a Cerean father, picked up by the Jedi Training Academy before he really started to even perceive the world. His entire way of seeing the world is based off the Jedi way of life, but his life of seclusion and enforced periods of meditation have occasionally caused a few accidental issues during important moments, by way of Asd’f slipping back into his own mind and forgetting about the situation at hand.

Asd’f considers himself extremely lucky to have been able to escape the forces of the Imperials when Order 66 was issued. Had he not been on board a ship with allies unwilling to listen to their superiors, he knows he would not have survived.

He grows increasingly wary of the inexplicably high number of force-sensitive beings he has come across since that day. Perhaps the Imperial forces were not as thorough as he had originally expected. Or perhaps there is some great fate he is bound to.

Asd'f Mo'vie