A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Ze’kar had one last task for our heroes before sending them on their way with the promised funds: he had a “pet,” a violent jungle cat, that he wanted recovered from a nearby planet. The creature was already contained, but the previous group had lost it to the planet’s local “customs,” held under Imperial influence.

Upon arriving at the planet, the group was greeted by a double agent of Ze’kar, who helped them get into the Imperial base where the creature was being held. Masquerading as customs officials, they were able to get in, get the creature, and get out…mostly. Outside the doors, they were identified by a higher command, and forced to escape via speeder bike, followed by a few lone troops.

The heroes’ escape was blockaded by the double-crossing double agent of Ze’kar in an AT-ST, as well as a few more squadrons of shock troopers. After disposing of them, AT-ST and all, the group made their way back to Ze’kar, jungle cat in tow, to reap their rewards.



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