A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .



Receiving their rewards for their foray with the Nexu, our Heroes find themselves with the galaxy before them. They decide to seek for their friend Dax’s whereabouts and head back to the infamous Dromund Kaas, hoping to find him there.

Upon arrival Verek sent out survey drones, which returned with startling results: a power source on the far side of the planet and the remains of his ship were gone. Activating his homing beacon revealed the remains to be a the same coordinates as the power source.

Our Heroes lowered their ship into a volcano to find the source and discovered a large hall with Sith writings. Cloaked figures attacked with red lightsabers that seemed impervious to blaster fire. The battle was fierce, but the Heroes prevailed. Then, appeared a man on a throne. The leader of the Prophets of the Dark Side.

Now through the Prophets guidings, the Heroes journey to Yavin IV, with the Prophets words still ringing in their ears: ‘When the young seek aid, the beast shall rear its ugly head. It shall find a vessel, and its Darkness shall blight the galaxy’. . . .



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